The ‘Paradiso’ Collection

a brief note about this art series

Welcome to my first release of original paintings featuring botanicals inspired by memories and places my heart and mind call home.

Fine Art for Life

I designed this collection with health and wellness in mind. Time and again, research has proven the restorative benefits of simply viewing nature, whether actual or representational. Various studies have shown that simply looking at images of plants and green landscapes result in mood boost, better focus, a calmer heart rate, and even improved eyesight.

I hope my interpretations of the richness of plant life brings the collector some of the same peace, productivity, and healing Mother Earth provides with so much generosity.

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Why ‘Paradiso’?

Paradiso, or “Heaven” in Italian, is the third and final parto of The Divine Comedy by 14th century poet Dante Alighieri. It is an allegory of the author’s journey through inferno (hell), purgatorio (purgatory), and finally paradiso (heaven). Dante illustrates his interactions with his spiritual guides, sinners, angels, saints, and finally the Creator.

I chose Paradiso as the name for this collection not only because it is one of the most ingenious works in the literary canon, but because I believe the most beautiful and fulfilling moments we experience in this world are mere reflections of the glory to come if we continue to aim for what is greater than ourselves. The feeling of being in paradise as we know it pales in comparison to the Paradise of which Dante writes.

This collection pales pathetically in comparison to the perfection of real plants in nature, but this is precisely the point I wanted to make (to myself more than anyone else). For more, read about the relationship between my work and Dante’s masterpiece in each product description.