Content Creation & Consulting

As a senior writer and department editor with over 11 years of industry experience in the print and digital publishing worlds, I use the power of words to fulfill your deepest dreams for yourself and your business–no matter which point you are on your creative journey.

You want Content that complements.

Keeping your ideal audience and brand identity top of mind, I use inspiring stories, illuminating anecdotes, and meaningful reporting to cover a broad range of topics including lifestyle, career, food, education, health, home, interior design, leisure, motherhood, relationships, travel, and more.

You are my ideal copywriting client if you:

  • need compelling copy for your business that educates and sells

  • aim to get your work published in the crème de la crème of publications

  • want to craft query letters that really catch an editor’s eye and attention

  • wish you had time/energy to write more copy for all your brilliant ideas, including newsletter generation, blog posts, professional pitches, courses, video scripts, and more

  • would like to incorporate targeted SEO terms that will drive more people to your new and existing content and more leads to your business

  • can outsource to a ghostwriter who will clearly communicate your brand and all the wonderful things you have to offer under your name

  • or want more compelling titles, tag lines, Instagram captions, tweets, and more!

You want consulting for creatives.

As a founding lifestyle editor of a print and digital publication and program developer of online curricula, I am deeply familiar with the minds and goals of editors and publishers:

  • who editors and publishers love working with (and don’t)

  • why certain content performs well and others do not

  • how to provide evergreen content that continues to garner views and references long after it is published

  • which products, services and businesses are featured or chosen as partners

  • what readers expect from their favorite publications (and what they can do without)

Through my years of experience developing successful verticals, loyal readership, partnering with new and established brands, I can lend your publisher, editor and audience a flourishing brand, profitable solutions, and inventive ideas.

You are my ideal consulting client if you:

  • want to align your voice and identity in ways that help you achieve prosperous goals

  • desire long-term, organic and passive growth of your ideal audience

  • plan to grow into other platforms like print magazines and newspapers, podcasts, YouTube videos, online courses, blogging, and more

  • need a step-by-step digital media strategy with as much or as little “hand holding” from me as you require

My repertoire includes people and product sourcing, styling, photography, video direction, sponsored stories and other ad campaigns, social media master plans, and more.

See more of my work at Verily and Natural Womanhood.

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